Welcome to Justin’s Woodshop!

I am a second generation wood worker.  My father enjoyed making custom clocks and taught me the basics of working with wood.  Since then I have studied the craft for years and am constantly exploring new design approaches, new styles, and techniques.  It has only been the last few years that I have been able to focus on my craft on a full time basis.

I spent the first part of my life working for various companies in the US and in Asia.  My wife and I often dreamed of fleeing the corporate life and building a simpler life focused on what really mattered to us.  In 2005 we left the corporate life for a life with more balance and time to pursue our passions.  Giving up the paycheck was a scary thought but we knew that a happier life wasn’t about money;  but, instead, was about having time to do what we wanted.  We spend more time with family, more time in our gardens and work shop, and more time smelling the roses.

My woodworking philosophy is based on a simple philosophy — find the beauty in classic designs, marry it with the natural beauty of wood, and put it together using time proven heirloom quality techniques.   Most of the wood I use is reclaimed.  In fact, I have a large supply of wood my father and I collected over 30 years ago.  I’ve also developed relationships with locals who collect wood from old barns and houses.  I have found this wood to have more character, more depth, and more beauty than most new wood that has been recently cut and rapidly dried using heaters.   Wood,  gets more beautiful with age.

Please click through the tabs above to see examples of work I have done.   I’d be delighted to talk with you about that heirloom piece I can make just for you.

You can also browse my facebook page at:   www.facebook.com/justinswoodshop